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QS4 - Hydrogen Carbon Cleaner 001

AC Voltage : 220 Phase : Single Phase Power Consumption (Kw/H) : 2
Max. Gas Output(L/H) : 650 Max. Working Pressure (PSI) : 10 Max. Water Consumption (L/H) : 0.35
Flame Modifier Feed : --- Demision : 45 X 60 X 55 (L X W X H) Cm. Gross Weight (Kg) : 50

Oxy-hydrogen carbon cleaning machine for car and motorbike: -


HHO carbon cleaner machine produce Oxygen and Hydrogen gas from water and enter into the engine, hydrogen gas will combine with carbon to form hydrocarbon, after combustion with oxygen gas it will become high-temperature water vapor out of the exhaust system, and carbon cleaner liquid will enhance cleaning effect, protect and extend engine component life.