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QS8 - Hydrogen Cutting 01

AC Voltage : 220 Phase : Single Phase Power Consumption (Kw/H) : 6
Max. Gas Output(L/H) : 2000 Max. Working Pressure (PSI) : 1.11 Max. Water Consumption (L/H) : 0.5
Flame Modifier Feed : Manual Demision : 50 X 33 X 90 (L X W X H) Cm. Gross Weight (Kg) : 70

Oxy-hydrogen cutting machine:-

This HHO gas generator is able to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, using a little amount of electricity through water electrolysis.

These gases are mixed and delivered for cutting, welding, to replace the use of LPG and oxy-acetylene


For cutting: HHO metal cutting needs an extra high pressure oxygen cylinders for preheating